The Way Out of Hades

Hades, Pluto, God of the Underworld symbol:


Is the old, old story of Persephone being abducted by Hades and transported to the underworld. It’s also the story of the Northern climes, wherein the lush greenery of all the various gardens are “bit” by the first frost. This is the beginning of the journey into the dark months of winter, wherein those who don’t do winter sports, go within their daily lives and “winter the winter storms”.

For me, it’s studying metaphysics, reading the writers of “The Mountain Astrologer astrology magazines, numerology, loving “Coastal Living” magazine, exercising, creating good healthy means, making sure I don’t gain weight through the winter, changing the inner home décor, and really enjoying the reprieve from demands of  the work required of a large landscape.

Hades, or Pluto the God of the underworld, which brings death of the flora, also occurs in each of our lives through the loss of something that we may or may not cherish. It could be a relationship, a pet, a job. This is the first sign of necessary transformation.

We go through a mourning of whatever it is that we have lost, or not, for some it may be jubilation of the close of a particular chapter in their lives. But for many, the holding on rather than the letting go of what has been lost can plunge those into deep, deep depression. Anyone familiar with the singer “Adele” (you can hear her on You Tube), knows her pinning for a lost love, but she turned it around and wrote songs, sings those songs to people all over the world, and has made herself very wealthy through her itinerate appearances, albums, videos, etc.

Hades requires each of us during a loss to plumb the depths of our lives, to gather the seeds of our experiences and lessons, and to use those as the foundation for a new life. For some it is returning to university, for others it is a new and better relationship, still yet for others it is actually being hired by a better employer with a better position, but all of this is not readily and consciously discernible.

Pluto opposition Saturn7728700_f120[1]

requires that whatever one doesn’t need, voluntarily release it so that the pain isn’t too deep and lingering. One can go to one’s astro chart and go back to when loses occurred that really impacted one’s life and see that the transit was occurring.

For me in my personal and marriage chart in 1965 this transit occurred, some of it was somewhat devastating, but it was replaced with something better than before.

Had another in 1985 that lasted for several years, a process of the journey of being forced through allergies in the workplace to leave the “outer world” as I knew it, to enter the “hidden world” of Plutonian transformative knowledge of symbolism, for transformation and rebirth of a new being.

Dane Rudhyar in his book “Triptych: Gifts of the Spirit, The Way Through the Illumined Road” (Servire-Wassenaar-The Netherlands publisher), says that, “Immortality is the power to make every conscious and significant end the beginning of a new cycle.” He discusses how the healing power of beauty through images are intended as a compensation to heal a disharmonic condition.

To rise above disharmonic conditions, one becomes the harmonic being. It is a process of effective and infinitely potent acts of the spirit of intention to create or recreate. Pluto is also the elements of war or a tsunami, wherein lands, property, and people are devastated, and left to reconstruct their lives. This is a universal process, whether  we agree or disagree.

Beauty has a place in the healing arts. Removing the too dark elements in our immediate environs, replacing them with brighter colors and light, assist the healing process by being creative. Creativity, the process and journey to healing areas of our lives in a transformative and regenerative way is available to each of us through acting through positive intention.

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Woe is me: a day in the life of Felix the cat

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I had my 7th graders start a creative writing assignment today about the life of their pet, from the animal’s point of view. As an example, I wrote one from Felix the cat’s perspective.

I often wonder what my cat is thinking when she does certain things. Her behavior continues to baffle me, but if I had to guess, this is what must be going through her mind on a daily basis:

6:58 a.m. My food bowl is empty. I’m going to die in this place. There is no hope for me anymore. Goodbye sweet world. Meow.

7:21 a.m. That Julia girl finally put more Meow Mix in my bowl. I crept into her bedroom while she slept and stared a hole into the side of her head until she finally woke up and fed me. I’m saved. At least until the bowl is empty again.

7:45 a.m. She’s left me…

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Healing as opposed to curing

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Someone on Facebook said she didn’t believe that people who experience the phenomena that which gets labeled mental illness by psychiatry can be cured. I responded with some comments including these:

daisyNo one uses the word “cure” around here. Healing, though, happens. Transformation happens – absolutely. I know far too many of us now to doubt that at all. And many of those folks thrive and do not consider themselves ill.

and then:

The word cure is funny. When it comes to things of the spirit and emotions it’s simply not applicable. As if we might cure ourselves from being human.

See these posts for many different ways to consider healing and transformation:

The conversation on Facebook made me think of a couple of things…

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The Physical Body and Yoga

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My last post, Turning the Mind Upside-Down,                                                                sparked some important comments, and Ilotus-blossom feel clarification is needed as to what yoga is, what an Asana practice is, and our physical bodies in relation to yoga. Here is an excerpt from my very first yoga post from a couple of years ago: Yoga Is a Way of Life:

Huh? Many might ask: Isn’t yoga like a stretching class or a great way to get a workout in? While it is true that muscles will be lengthened, strengthened, and challenged in a typical yoga class, the physical practice of yoga, the Asana, wasn’t developed so we could burn some calories and look great in those tight fitting yoga clothes. Think of it…

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