Image: The Way of Mood Essence: The Reflection of Mood of Inner Being: The Soma of Ecstasy

1ab8a514c09f4e7459518111b1d1a2faTo bathe in the waters of ecstasy, the inner soma of the essence of inner ecstasy, is different for each of us. For one person, the inner waters of ecstasy in a particular moment, on a particular day, may hold the image of riding horseback through fields of greenery. For another it may be the experience and expression of driving at high speeds around the curves of a mountain roadway. Yet for another, it is to design and decorate a room which reflects their inner most peace, the tranquility of quiet solitude. We can all experience each of these at different times, and each simultaneously experiencing their inner bliss, nirvana, or samadhi. One’s own inner self-awareness and intelligent self-realization is following one’s bliss without being dependent on another. This is the way and the essence of mood and choice.

To drink of one’s inner soma, the nectar of inner delight, one feeds one’s inner strength by this power. The multitudes of different simultaneous expressions and activities by each around the world is the unity of the world. We each are the expression of part of this unity. We all partake of the soma, the nectar of inner ecstasy at various levels of personal evolution and awareness.

With this new Chinese Lunar New Year, The Year of the Sheep or Ram, Aries the Ram is fire, the prana, chi, energy of identity in relation to our individual and collective relationships. We come to understand who we are within, through the yoga of Libra, the air sign of relationships. Conflict, an expression of inner fire, assists each to express their inner mood and inner being in the moment in relation to others. The moments change with the movement of the Moon, Sun and all of the planetary bodies which express themselves through each of us. This is the spiritual physics of the unity of humanity.

Though we are each different and have different tastes, values, intentions, motivations, desires, and pursuits, our individual identity is reflected in our mood. How it is that we design, create and maintain our home, our inner being, our physical home, our bodies and the home wherein our bodies and our spirit reside are the reflection of this personal essence.

Therefore, each will express themselves through their personal yoga of relationship. Their relationship to their environment will be a reflection of their inner being. The Sun is now residing in the yoga of Pisces and Virgo, the inner unconscious elements of Pisces are expressed through Virgo, the highly critical sign of health and service to others.

The Chinese metaphysical science of Feng Shui, the science of the elements, direction, placement and color give a clue to the health of one’s particular environment. This also applies to the colors of the fresh foods one ingests which also contain the soma, the precious nectar of essences which maintain the yoga of good health represented by Pisces (fish) and Virgo (vegetation).

This yoga is the prelude to the coming Spring Equinox, when the latent forces that have been nourished through the winter activities and resting, prepare each (or not) for the emergence of the Solar new year which begins new activities through the yogic expression in the signs of Aries and Libra.

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Chinese New Year: February 19, 2015: Year of Sheep Aries: Identity Yoga with Libra Relationships

chinese_zodiacClick on this chart to see the year of your own birthdate and the sign of the year you were born.

The year of the Sheep, or mountain sheep, is symbolic of the Ram, the first house of identity in the age-old natural constellations of the Zodiac. The age of the Ram in sculpted structures throughout Egypt and various archeological sights can be quite informative. Just by viewing its nature in it’s climb up rocky mountain heights to the top gives you a sense of your own inner identity in several particular areas of your chart in comparison to others’ charts with whom you have relationships (Libra is the polarity sign, or yoga of relationships ruled by Venus).

If you have ever hiked up various mountainous terrains, you have seen that there are paths created by various animals. Not only the sheep or Aries the Ram, but other creatures, utilize these age-old worn paths of security that wind zig-zag up the slope of the mountain, just as a snow skier glides on the snow in a zig-zag fashion to the bottom in a rhythmic, systematic and enjoyable journey down a slope.

Aries, the Ram or the sheep, rules the head. You have heard the question, “Why doesn’t that person use their head?” Interestingly, the nature of the Ram is to use its head to “butt” its opponent. The smart person utilizes intelligence as a defense.

Aries is a fire sign (and is shared also with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius) ruled by Mars, the warrior. The way one expresses one’s defense will be indicated in one’s chart by what sign is in the natural place of Aries, the first house of identity. The second place will be which house in one’s astro chart one’s actual Aries sign is located. The third indicator of Mars expression will be where Mars is located in ones astro chart and where one’s Scorpio (also ruled by Mars and Pluto are located). These will all also affect one’s response of where one’s other two fire signs are located.

horoscopewheel[1] 75px-Mars_symbol.svg[1] Mars Ruler of Aries The Ram: The Sheep

Therefore, we can adapt this “technique” this year to utilize a rhythmic and systematic climb to the heights of our individual personal inner call that will emerge from the universe as April, the true new year of the zodiac, approaches. We can take note, that Capricorn, the goat, also a mountain-climber, in all of us, is indicated by where it is located in one’s personal astrology chart. The natural cosmic zodiac of the constellations of Capricorn has been the natural 10th house of the zodiacal constellations of the zodiac. Each of us has a particular sign for the time of our birth, marriage, residence, employment date, etc. within this natural cosmic area.

If you have Capricorn on the rising of your chart, it will be in the natural sign of Aries, so you are keen on rising to the top with persistent effort. Capricorn is also the sign of the “parent”, therefore one will have a tendency to be the parent in relationships.

So, you will have your own individual house in the natural 10th house which will confirm for you, and assist you with greater understanding about your particular career, what one makes of oneself. You will have The house of Capricorn (sign of the goat), somewhere in your particular chart, which will give you additional information about how and what it is that you do to earn your particular place in the world.

Uranus is moving  through Aries, therefore you have probably experienced “unexpected ” changes in your relationships this past year. This has an impact on one’s identity, for one’s relationships have a great deal to do with how it is that one expresses oneself.

Wherever the above-mentioned placements are within your chart will be the area wherein you will experience the most change for the next three years.


The Way Out of Hades

Hades, Pluto, God of the Underworld symbol:


Is the old, old story of Persephone being abducted by Hades and transported to the underworld. It’s also the story of the Northern climes, wherein the lush greenery of all the various gardens are “bit” by the first frost. This is the beginning of the journey into the dark months of winter, wherein those who don’t do winter sports, go within their daily lives and “winter the winter storms”.

For me, it’s studying metaphysics, reading the writers of “The Mountain Astrologer astrology magazines, numerology, loving “Coastal Living” magazine, exercising, creating good healthy means, making sure I don’t gain weight through the winter, changing the inner home décor, and really enjoying the reprieve from demands of  the work required of a large landscape.

Hades, or Pluto the God of the underworld, which brings death of the flora, also occurs in each of our lives through the loss of something that we may or may not cherish. It could be a relationship, a pet, a job. This is the first sign of necessary transformation.

We go through a mourning of whatever it is that we have lost, or not, for some it may be jubilation of the close of a particular chapter in their lives. But for many, the holding on rather than the letting go of what has been lost can plunge those into deep, deep depression. Anyone familiar with the singer “Adele” (you can hear her on You Tube), knows her pinning for a lost love, but she turned it around and wrote songs, sings those songs to people all over the world, and has made herself very wealthy through her itinerate appearances, albums, videos, etc.

Hades requires each of us during a loss to plumb the depths of our lives, to gather the seeds of our experiences and lessons, and to use those as the foundation for a new life. For some it is returning to university, for others it is a new and better relationship, still yet for others it is actually being hired by a better employer with a better position, but all of this is not readily and consciously discernible.

Pluto opposition Saturn7728700_f120[1]

requires that whatever one doesn’t need, voluntarily release it so that the pain isn’t too deep and lingering. One can go to one’s astro chart and go back to when loses occurred that really impacted one’s life and see that the transit was occurring.

For me in my personal and marriage chart in 1965 this transit occurred, some of it was somewhat devastating, but it was replaced with something better than before.

Had another in 1985 that lasted for several years, a process of the journey of being forced through allergies in the workplace to leave the “outer world” as I knew it, to enter the “hidden world” of Plutonian transformative knowledge of symbolism, for transformation and rebirth of a new being.

Dane Rudhyar in his book “Triptych: Gifts of the Spirit, The Way Through the Illumined Road” (Servire-Wassenaar-The Netherlands publisher), says that, “Immortality is the power to make every conscious and significant end the beginning of a new cycle.” He discusses how the healing power of beauty through images are intended as a compensation to heal a disharmonic condition.

To rise above disharmonic conditions, one becomes the harmonic being. It is a process of effective and infinitely potent acts of the spirit of intention to create or recreate. Pluto is also the elements of war or a tsunami, wherein lands, property, and people are devastated, and left to reconstruct their lives. This is a universal process, whether  we agree or disagree.

Beauty has a place in the healing arts. Removing the too dark elements in our immediate environs, replacing them with brighter colors and light, assist the healing process by being creative. Creativity, the process and journey to healing areas of our lives in a transformative and regenerative way is available to each of us through acting through positive intention.

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