The Tao, The Divine, The Law It Be: Shows You Now To Live Within The How

Herein rests The Tao of old
you too can see your life unfold

Each element is within the season ezklzdac[1]
wherein unfolds your reason

The Tao, The Divine, The Law It Be
It calls to you, so that you can really see! natal-cross[1]houses[1]

Study the symbols of your chart a little each day
The Tao will show you the way Saturn trine Jupiter 2013-2014 001

These images give you the clues
but require you ensue Rulers[1]Astrology-Chart[1]Image

The sage a tonic besage3f12469e9a60e5ef3e0b9ee9c05d69ff[1]
in time you can see

Knowledge, resources and insights are its supplyth[4]
herein they multiplybagua4[1]

houses[1]fx_Bloom_New[1]chinese-medicine-clock2[1]The Constellations Zodiac Seasons, Colors, Numbers, and Tarot 001past-life2[1]

Whole Chakra Elements Chart

Ensuing Chinese Year of The Horse
The ninth house of higher knowledge is the course


The Tao, The Divine, The Law, the command it Be
It wants you now, how to understand

The Tao, Our Divine Physics
Truly is the Metaphysics of all wisdom classics



6 thoughts on “The Tao, The Divine, The Law It Be: Shows You Now To Live Within The How

    • Your sun sign is your heart which you follow, Capricorn Makara) ruled by Saturn (Shani), self-disciplines, enjoying responsibilities, frugality creates liquidity. Savings compounds wealth for early retirement. There is a bit of a secret, more children take more wealth, often create heart-ache,therein is part of Capricorn’s self-discipline and old-age (Saturn/Shani) security. Thank you!!!!!

      • But I thought I am a Scorpion… Born on 5th November 1983… I’m sorry but I’m a bit of a sucker for horoscopes and not questioning your knowledge… I’m quite inquisitive… :D

        • You are absolutely correct, good for you!!!!!! Your Sun sign is Scorpio, wherein Saturn (Shani) is now transiting. Your rising sign at 12:01 a.m. (Colorado, USA time) the day born is Capricorn rising, 1st house of your identity, within both the 12th house and 1st house. Every thing I said before, still holds true. Right now you have a Saturn Return, meaning Saturn has returned to its original spot. Saturn will go retrograde in a few months, wherein there will be delays, and reversals in what it is that you want to make of yourself in the process of your journey. Right now Saturn in Scorpio assists each of us to define who we are, to adjust and be flexible within others values, honoring what one values and what other’s value, but without destroying what it is that you value. Integrating others’ values with your own.

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