Spirituality in the Seasons

Spirituality Path in Nature

One’s spirituality rests within that which one creates. Connecting and utilizing nature to refresh one’s spirit daily through brisk walking regimes or embracing the Mandarin Chinese scholar’s slow meditative walk through nature refreshes one’s spirit, one’s soul. The songs of the Chicadees, Robins, Chinese Doves, and Bluebirds when the sun is shining through the brisk blue sky of February in Colorado is a frequent treat during the winter. Viewing one’s garden photography in the midst of chilly days brings back the spiritual essence as if in the midst of the June garden bursting with greenery, blooming roses, flaxseed, pansies and any other of one’s favorite seasonal flowers.

Bundling up on the brisk winter days and briskly walking on the garden paths brings the needed exercise and fresh air into the lungs for revitalization and regeneration. Each day brings its own new experiences, maybe a fox running through the yard to reach the park on the other side of the fence, or strollers, runners and bikers with their various dogs walking along the ditch bank. Last week I was doing my regular 30-minute brisk walk on my own garden path and across the way on the ditch bank a large golden retriever stopped its owner to sit there and contentedly watch me walk!!!!!

Often through each season, the park enthusists yell over from the raised ditch bank along the city park across from my garden to tell me how much they love my garden and its various contents!!!!! Nature’s spirituality is thus lifted because the park’s walkway brings others who are enhanced by my garden and spirituality revitalizes and regenerates and works with the structural beauty of the Japanese-inspired statuaries, paths, and mulitude of rocks.

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