Zodiac Constellations with Numerology and Colors

The Constellations Zodiac Seasons, Colors, Numbers, and Tarot 001One’s individual astrological chart for the place, time, and location of one’s birth is the map of one’s life with the planetary transits for that event. Each major event in one’s life will have a new chart with its own aspects, such as marriage (“And the two become one.”), and one’s residence. When one moves from one place to another, a new chart is created. Relocation from one state to another or from north to south, etc., one’s natal chart will also change the location of each of the planetary aspects, such as that of one’s rising sign and all other signs of one’s personal zodiac of location of constellations, creating changes in one’s path.

The particular chart that is shown gives the numbers in each decan (each 10 degrees of each sign of the zodiac of constellations). The book, NUMEROLOGY AND THE DIVINE TRIANGLE by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker is a marvelous opus which gives one the meaning of each of the numbers of one’s name, and the meaning of each of the number of one’s address and street. Each letter of one’s name is a nine-year period, then there is change to another nine-year period which can be followed by the number of the letter of one’s name or address plus one can obtain further meaning by adding the previous nine-year periods for a cumulative number.

I’ve been engaged in researching, confirming and teaching astrology and numerology since 1988, and utilize this astrological and numerological science in my own life, and have confirmed that these sciences definitely correlate with one’s choices in life.

Further, I have utilized this particular science to research the past events in my life and the reason why things occurred as they have. Utilizing these sciences in this manner can assist one in redefining one’s life in more positive terms, which assists in healing any inner wounds from past events.

The Buddhist concept of Dhyana, is the recognition of the impermanence in life. Looking at life from the perspective of the nine-year stage of each letter of one’s name, one see’s that life truly is change and impermanence. Further, the planetary transits create aspects to one’s own birth planets which correspond to major positive changes in one’s life.

Right now there is a Jupiter sextile (60 degree) aspect occurring for everyone in the world. PLANETS IN TRANSIT by Robert Hand is a major astrological opus, explaining each of the various aspects and transiting aspects in each of one’s charts if one will take the little bit of time and self-discipline to begin exploring one’s individual life map.

The reference books I have mentioned I utilize myself daily for my own daily contemplation of what is coming. These books I have reviewed on Amazon.com. You can purchase these books used at either Amazon.com or e-bay or wherever you like to buy your used books. They are books that should be in everyone’s life-time research library.

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