Spirituality: Embracing Others’ Great Joys

Spirituality:  Embracing Others' Great Joys

Dressed ready to have fun having tea and browsing Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado shops this sunny, cerulean-sky day with joy in everybody’s heart because of the extraordinary nice weather is so wonderful!!!!!

Just traveling out to the mail box and talking with a neighbor I haven’t seen in months and experiencing her joy at obtaining a new computer-programmers job at age 51 and celebrating by going to a Pacific Island for the second time in a year to celebrate puts joy into my heart for her great joy!!!!

Celebrating another neighbor’s great joy of the beauty and intelligence of her to-be 13 year old daughter and planning what special treats she will bestow on her daughter in a few weeks is exciting.

New neighbors from Argintina have moved into a home next to ours with a 14 month old baby girl and are looking toward the joys of home-ownership and raising their family in this wonderful diversified, contemporary university town.

How wonderful it is when we can be sincerely happy for others’ joys!!!!

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