Spirituality: The Constellations = One’s Astrology Chart

12 Constellations (houses) of the Zodiac 001 Being an accountant, investor, organizational analyst, astrologer, numerologist, metaphysician, botanist and educator in these particular sciences, has been a great joy to synthesize my experiences, and extracting the wisdom of these experiences to shed a bit of light onto others’ paths.

Uranus is a cosmic energy in all of our lives and charts that transits through each sector of the zodiac constellation for seven years, and brings unexpected needed and necessary changes in the areas of one’s life that are aspected by other planets either in natal (birth aspect), or transiting aspect, be it Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, or any of the various asteroids, (that have been researched and documented through publication of various research works about the symbolic correlation of their location in our charts and the effects upon our individual and collective behaviors).

Uranus transits and transiting aspects by Uranus or to Uranus are about UNEXPECTED SHOCKS, subtle energies or events that shake us up, to make us think and to change, hopefully at a higher level of being. Right now we all have a Jupiter sextile (60 degrees) Uranus in our charts. The location for each of us of this particular aspect is different, meaning it depends upon which houses in each of our charts this aspect is occurring.

Uranus is in the first house of identity (wherever your first house is in your chart), which is in my fourth house (water sign of Cancer) of my physical home, as well as my inner being. Added to that is the polarity of Aries (fire sign) of Libra (air sign), my relationships, which is located in my 10th house (Capricorn, earth sign) of what it is that I make of myself.

So, if you will obtain your own chart and locate where your houses are and where Uranus is, then you will see where it is in your life that there will be various shocks for positive changes that will lead to greater knowledge and experience (research the internet for what the symbolic sign of Uranus looks like when put to paper.)

For example, my husband’s Uranus in Aries is in his ninth house of Sagittarius (both fire signs!!!!!). Sagittarius is the house of higher education, higher spiritual philosophies, long distance travels and large animals. For the past year, when Uranus entered Aries, which also rules one’s head, my husband has had passing-out episodes (head). The first episode was greatly shocking to me because it was in the late afternoon, he was sitting in his chair watching TV, I entered the room and saw that he was passed out (you can see by the image of him in our living room that he’s a big man!!!). I had to pull him from the chair, get him on the ground, and pound on his chest to revive him, I had to act rapidly because his face was getting deeper red from lack of oxygen. He has had several episodes since, the last sustaining a minor concussion, black eye, twisted ankle and pulled tendons in his left leg. Those on blood pressure pharmaceuticals may have experienced something similar. This is the kind of WAKEUP CALL that Uranus will make for some who need to be alerted that a dosage change is in order. The injuries are symbolic of KNOCKING SENSE INTO ONE’S HEAD!!!!!!

We have discussed what these lessons are for him, and we have come to understand that though he is a very active individual, these episodes have forced him to be in bed for several days to recuperate, but also to REFLECT upon what he needs to do to assist himself so that if he falls again, he can fall with sustaining less injury. He has come to understand that when he feels the brief feeling of an episode coming on, he must quickly sit down, even if it be on the ground out in the garden where his last episode occurred.

We all have come to understand that when we try to help another, often they hear you but they do nothing about it. URANUS IS A WAKE-UP CALL, emphasizing upon each one of us that if an incident occurs in our lives, look at it symbolically, and realistically as to what the message is that it is giving to us!!!!!!!

I do my research, I ask, seek, and knock in all areas of my particular life to find solutions. Part of my research is in the vitamins, herbals – botanicals that assist us to maintain greater health through supplementation from youth throughout the aging journey. I began studying at age 20 and study everyday, something about how it is that these neutriceuticals can assist us with each of the mental, emotional, physical challenges we all face.

I was a runner and the consequences of that was lower-back injury. My research brought me across “Rutin” a bioflavonoid which puts out the lower back pain naturally, for me for four 500 mg tabs eliminate pain for eight hours, plus I take two L-taurine for systemic pain. Ginger assists in muscle pain. I take my food-supplements in tablet or capsule form, and I order my supplements online in bulk orders annually. I have given these to my husband to assist him in his painful recovery. It has been three days now and his system is responding positively with far less excruciating pain (inflammation).

Various pains can be systemically managed through eating romaine lettuce or other such bitter taste (Vata in Ayurvedic medicine) which will help manage and balance systemic, Pitta, Fire, inflammation. Everyone is different and everyone must take up their own courage to study and apply (Karma) these very simple remedies through the various health issues that occur.

Ayurveda is the science of whole health through herbs and other natural substances, which tie-in with the planetary energies within each person’s individual astrological chart. In the Hindu spiritual philosophy, the planetary energies have been given the names of various gods – thus the polytheism. These “gods,” are the various energies in all of our lives, which the Brahman Cast of India study to aid the people of their culture.

URANUS in Aries the house of identity and the yoga of relationships (Aries polarity Libra) is relevant to the call for individual study for one’s individual situation, and to practice the “yoga,” the relationship application (karma) of remedy (solution) of herbs, botanicals and vitamins, through opening to higher consciousness of how it is that they can assist one to remedy the pains within one’s life. For example St. John’s wort will assist women to cope better in various situations, including menopause. St. John’s wort will assist men who have a tendency toward irritability as well. I take one 500 mg. every a.m., if I need another later in the day I take one at noon. The food-supplement GABA is wonderful for mellowing to receive insights, as is the East Indian “goto kola”. When we are mellow, meaning we are not all “fired-up,” we are more receptive to what our situation and the cosmos is communicating to us at both the micro and macro levels.

The technical scientific discipline of learning astrology one-aspect-at-a-time, learning about food-supplements, one-day-at-a-time, will open one’s life to greater possibilities and potentials of higher consciousness (awareness) than one could ever imagine for oneself. The Jupiter/Uranus sextile is a higher-consciousness raising transit for all of us for the next few weeks, creating wonderful opportunities if we will embrace them.

This Jupiter sextile Uranus (also Uranus sextile Jupiter) aspect is a message from the heavens – the cosmic consciousness – that has been studied by the ancients such as the Hindus and the Buddhists, astrologers, and the indigenous tribes who utilize botanicals and minerals to cure their ills according to the individual body-type, temperament, and seasonal changes.
PLANETS IN TRANSIT by Robert Hand is a wonderful opus to research planetary transits and aspects that will give greater meaning and understanding to your life. (There are contemporary scholars published works on Ayurveda and the energies of the planets (gods in our lives) that I have reviewed on Amazon.com if you become interested in such subjects for higher consciousness and greater spiritual understanding. You do not have to give up your own belief system to understand other ways of thinking, seeing, and being. They are quite refreshing!!!!)

For the next few weeks you can expect some occurrence that will materiallly alter your plans for the immediate future. Your immediate future is likely to have many more possibilities than are apparent now. You are more apt to be receptive at this time and to grasp these concepts more easily than usual. You can solve difficult problems by approaching them with a fresh perspective. Sudden opportunities will occur that allow you to do much more than you have done before!!!!!!

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