Spirituality: Is-Ness, A Season for Everything Under the Sun

A slighly breezy, bright sunny day, has brought about the is-ness of 50-75 or so resident robins, flickers and wax-wings to the is-ness of the seasonally leafless plum and apple trees. The birds trust the is-ness of their wings to fly to the pond’s water reservoir to check for the is-ness of the-water-of-life. The water reservoir is empty. I fetch a couple of gallons of water, open the patio door and walk toward the pond, the birds flee to the is-ness of the tree branches to keep their distance. I go to the pond reservoir, clear it of debris and add the water. The is-ness of the water-of-life that the birds were searching for appears because of the is-ness of someone watching and thus providing this precious element of life for them.

Returning to the dining room, sitting only a couple of seconds, I see the birds ecstatically know of the is-ness of the water that now fills the shallow reservoir. They flock around the reservoir, sucking water, tiltng heads upward, the water trickles down their little parched throats. How lucky and greatful they are this bright, sunny, crisp and dry day in mid-February that someone saw the is-ness of their thirst!!!!!

The pond was built, so that it and the birds can be viewed from the kitchen and dining windows, on the north of the house where the pond element of water is to be situated according to the Chinese feng-shui philosophy for the evolutionary element of water.

So much joy is felt by supplying the needed is-ness of water, and to watch the is-ness of the different variety of birds flying in and huddling around the pond’s reservoir. We are in a relatively dry season, the season’s is-ness confirms, “There is a season for everything under the sun”. The dry season calls for the water to be poured into the reservoir.

“There is a season for sowing and a season for reaping”, depending on the type of seed to be planted, there is a variable season of reaping depending on the type of seed sowed. The February 10 New Moon occurred in the 3rd decan of the constellation of Aquarius of antiquity (last 10 degrees of Aquarius, 11th house in the zodiacal constellations, air sign, polarity Leo, Fire sign) which has the symbolism of “The Water-Bearer” (element: air sign, not water!). The New Moon is the start of something new, have you started something you want to have almost finished by the Full Moon, and completed within the next three weeks before the next New Moon. It could be something very subtle you are working to accomplish.

The Leo polarity Full Moon in another six days will be February 25. What kind of Aquarian hopes and wishes are you working on to be fulfilled on the Leo Full Moon, and completed by the next New Moon before the sun and moon begin something new in the next constellation water sign of Pisces, the sign of the two fish swimming in opposite directions?

Aquarius rules technology, the stockmarket, hopes and wishes and friends and lovers. The third 10 degrees of Aquarius is ruled by all three rulers of all three air signs (Gemini is ruled by Mercury: Buddha (mind) in Hindu pantheon, Libra ruled by Venus: Sukra (relationship values) in Hindu, and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn: Shanti (self-disciplined accomplishment) in Hindu, but also Uranus (higher octive of Mercury (Budda – mind – cosmic consciousness techniques in the Western Tradition astrology).

Every culture has a correlative name for the subtle and not so subtle “spirituality nature” for each of the birds, animals, trees, plants on earth that correlate to the fixed stars, planets, and astroids, that can be researched on the internet within the Hindu pantheon and Ayurveda for the plants and gems suited best to balance one’s particular spirituality of “humours or temperaments” (Vata: Air/Ether, Pitta: Fire, Kapha: Water and Earth). The predominant temperament, spirituality, or humour also correlates with seasonal month and what is happening with one’s own body. Some humans are more spiritually instinctive, understanding the subtle energies of the seasons and their bodies and what they need to come into balance. There are others that don’t have a clue awareness-wise, they simply exist without much intuitive spirituality because they have not connected themselves with the subtle forces of the synchronicit of the cosmos, nature and their own nature.

The Full Moon or culmination in 3rd decan of Leo on February 25 will have something to do with children, gambling, speculation, or investmnt in whatever area of your birth astrological chart for the time and location you were born. This is a transiting aspect that may affect your own natal planets through a conjunction (on top of each other by up to 5 degrees), sextile (60 degrees apart), square (90 degrees apart) or opposition (180 degrees apart – culmination). You can do your personal research to find the meanings that will unfold in your life, your own timing of a type of personal season for the progress of each New Moon and Full Moon and any aspects they make to your birth, marriage, residence charts’ aspects.

From the beginning of humankind on earth, humankind has looked to the sky and the spiritual significance of the essence of the season for the timing of various monthly and annual occurrences, or the approaching season when their experiences were previously noted by Seers (Rishis). The particular planetary behaviors while transiting a particular zodical constellation and making aspects within our constellations of antiquity cannot be denied, their are a multitude of reference books to guide each of us if only we will take the time to ask, seek, and knock.

The stone temples were constructed and structured according to the experiences of the timing of the seasons by the astrologer-astronomer to more easily view not only the timing of the day by the placement of the shadows of the temple correlating with the time of day by the sun, but various correlations with physical and/or emotional subtle energies which are also a kind of timing in themselves to one who is an “intuitive”, or a “sensitive” understands the impermanence of life, change is coming BIG TIME!!!!

The astrologer-astronomer-Seer reported to the king, emperor, or other leader for planning and accomplishing. Every spiritual tradition has its basis in astrology, its symbolism and its mythos are veiled in some spiritual traditions. The various mythos are the “oral tradition,” of each culture whereby wisdom and truths were passed on, to work upon the unconscious mind of he collective unconscious, they have been passed from generation-to-generation through now in various contemporary forms.

We watch TV, DVD movies, cable TV, go to the movies that produce stories for our contemporary times. Everything that each individual watches, is seasonally appropriate for the time that one engages in the tradition of communicating and broadcasting to the masses, news, various programs of individual interest, downloads from Netflix or mailed DVD’s, they are all the “waters-of-life”, which sustain or not, one’s “humour,” “temperament,” and “Spirituality through story.

The information of the “waters-of-life”, the contemporary method of researching the various internet sites by entering a subject in the search engine to find the various facts and points-of-view about your own birth astrological chart (your own blueprint of the seed of your life within) for the day, time and location you were born, and additional relocation charts for a time-zone you have relocated to is for connecting with your very unique life-changes in your personal being.

Each symbol in your birth chart connects you with the energies of your own life and inner being. Connects you with that of the cosmos and the collective consciousness and unconsciousness, for the current transits go through everyone’s chart, aspecting and changing one’s own personal life and that of the masses. As these energies (gods in the Hindu and other cultural pantheons of the different energies of spiritualities) transit each of the houses of the zodical constellations each day, month, annually, and do their “turn-around”, reversals, one too reverses and changes one’s mind (retrograde then going direct which can also be called up through a search engine as to when each planet will go retrograde and turn direct). In the Bible of the Western Tradition, the reader, the seeker is encouraged to ask, seek, and knock for greater information. The books mentioned in previous posts possess this beloved information.

Saturn/Shanti now in retrograde for the next several months in the first 10 degrees of Scorpio (house of what we share with others, good and bad debt, sex, power, money, death and inheritance ) has lessons to teach each of us. Doors of greater perception and understanding have a price, and that is that one must be open to receive their life-changing gifts. The reward is a state of higher cosmic consciousness to those who put forth Saturn’s self-disciplined effort of contemplation on these areas of one’s life.

Each New Moon, one will have the best opportunity for planting the seed of effort of what it is one wants to accomplish within a four-week period, according to the zodical house energies. That is a new constellational house season according to the particular zodiacal constellation of the New Moon. That means there is a new season beginning with each particular New Moon.

If you are one of those who want to see what the Seers have seen and have made notation, you might consider keeping a journal, utilizing your calendar to tune-into the cosmic planetary rhythms. It does not matter what spiritual tradition one practices, for we can borrow from other spiritual traditions such as the astrologtical seers, and gain wisdom from the secrets that are veiled from our perception, philosopy and experiences because of the illusions of the world that lure one off the path of the spirituality of cosmic universal consciousness.

It does not matter whether you use a Western tradition round tropical astrological chart or the square Jhyotish sidereal astrological chart. They all have basically the same meanings, there may be variations depending on cultural politics and controls (spirituality has politics as well). But there is nothing to fear but fear itself!!!!!

Reach beyond what you have already experienced and pierce the veil of the illusions of the world!!!!!

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