Spirituality: Why Life Turns In Unexpected Ways

Spirituality:  Why Life Turns In Unexpected Ways

Those approaching, or who are 40-41 may be experiencing what has been defined as “mid-life crisis”. What now?

The astrologers, seers: those who have experienced, those who have studied the planetary aspects have come to understand that Uranus opposition Uranus is an unexpected drastic change in the direction of one’s life. A period of major transition because one has come to terms with a number of realizations!!!!!

The time when one seriously questions if one has accomplished what one most wanted in youth. One questions whether what one has already accomplished is appropriate for one’s future.

One acts in quick and unexpected behaviors to move in the direction one envisions, one should begin to free oneself from the past, leaving a situation and taking up a lifestyle quite different from the earlier lifestyle.

For those who have wisely created a sound financial foundation of frugal simplicity, the necessary self-discipline of not overexpanding into debt and too much bondage that has placed one into servitude, one will have greater resources to follow the greater spiritual journey.

For those not yet at this age milestone, the most fortunate thing that one can do for oneself is to banish all debt and make sure that one is in a position to be in a more comfortable state for transition into the next stage of one’s life, which is necessary higher spiritual consciousness. There is varied philosophy about the necessity of necessary materialism for the realities of life.

Necessary spiritual consciousness is studying disciplines such as astrology, yoga, and the occult, which unveils the secrets of real life, which is greater inner spiritual freedom, release from the majority of bondages and unnecessary attachments one has placed upon oneself.

This period of one’s life seems like a last chance to take advantage of opportunities to release self from an old, rigid stultifying lifestyle. The real meaning is a climax of the direction one’s life is going. There is now the necessary shifting of consciousness by shifting direction to issues one must face in old-age.

Each period of life has particular functions. Prior to the Uranus opposition Uranus in one’s personal astrological chart, it is the time to encounter the outer world, learning about it and how one personally navigates its rules and obligations, and how one manage’s one’s resources.

If one has reached this milestone and is broke, there are varied philosophies on how one handles this spiritually. Some actually join an ashram, a place to be guided by a guru, to live with non-attachment to the world. Others may become priests or nuns, again living with non-attachment servitude and poverty. Some Eastern spiritual traditions have created a source for managing populations by requiring the eldest son to join a monastery (birth control to a degree). In India the government supports some ashrams to direct the wondering in a more positive manner.

Each individual spiritual tradition has a different spiritual philosophy about the “right path”. None of these experiences are bad, each person’s path is individual. The ashram and the guru depend upon others’ resources for their livelihood, therefore, they have not escaped bondage, unless they have learned to live off the land’s resources, but life stll requires necessary managed materialism to a degree.

Those who have managed their resources wisely will have laid a positive foundation for their old-age well, inorder that they can do what the cosmic consciousness demands, which is to now turn inward and begin to reap the consequences of what one has done and encountered in the first half of one’s life.

From this point one should turn experiences inward and recreate – make something new of oneself, dealing with issues of ultimate concern: THE MEANING OF ONE’S LIFE IN ONE’S OWN TERMS IN RELATION TO THE UNIVERSE – THE COSMOS. This is what individuals before they became gurus and rishis did.

Those who believe in reincarnation prepare now for their next life. Symbolically, the first half of one’s life is just that, managing one’s resources well or not, which will determine the direction of one’s next life. For some who have created only devastation in their own lives, it can mean that one does not want to embrace self-discipline to work through one’s situation to a better life, thus some take their own lives in desperation, if not at mid-life, maybe 50 or 60.

One will not be able to live for some external purpose, one’s purpose is to come from within, on one’s own terms, to reach peace, to be comfortable with self-discipline and solitude. Each individual that does not follow a higher perception, a higher spiritual realization will experience inner hollowness, a meaningless life, regardless of what one has accomplished. This is Nietzsche’s “nilism”.

For those who finally settledown and marry or have their first child, this will not be enough, these experiences will not fulfill the inner being because one is still dealing with the outer world and what the outer world and other people demand of one. But, if one embraces daily spiritual practices, research, focus and concentration on the innerself in conjunction with a marriage and childbirth, one can create a happier more prosperous inner journey.

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