Practical faith means not overextending oneself. Practical faith is understanding that life is a daily chopping wood and carrying water. Each day one performs what is required of the day. Practical and even ingenious performance manifests each day. Zen: Daily practice, then the individual planetary time is marked by a Jupiter/Uranus transit in one’s chart that opens the door of an unexpected event. That is the reward of faith.

The calculation of the day’s number February 26, 2013: 2 + 26 = 28 = “Heaven” = “The Mind” + 2013 = 20 +13 = 33 = Order: Destiny: Price: Reward.

Add 28 + 33 = 61/7: “Inheritance”: We can inherit through one positive word spoken which ignites hope in one’s heart. Embrace the positive word, move one-day-at-a-time with that positive word, and another, and another, in one’s own “accomplished” season, : 9 = “I = 9”, am the lord your god which teaches you how to profit and leads you in the way you are to go. I = Sun = Divine = Organized = Simplicity = Liquidity = Play = Love = Accomplished.

Each letter of one’s name is a 9-year period of specific changing multidimensional energies we call “experiences”. We reap what we sow. Thus, our individual “inheritance” is the continuous weeding-out of our mind, our personal inner garden, all negativities.

Each day is one step upon one’s individual journey. As one chops wood and carries water in the earning of a living, one saves one’s resources for compounding if one’s dream is financial independence, not being a slave to another to earn one’s living.

Each of us has an unconscious inner positive voice that contains the word which we want positively accomplished against all odds, as one’s “opus”, one’s great life-work.

Saturn in one’s astrological chart at birth, is the inner instinct to labor to obtain one’s just reward or not. One can find out how strong one’s “inner will” is, what may be inhibiting one’s inner will. The inner will must want to self-discipline itself if it wants mastery. Zen: Mastery: chopping wood, carrying water, and one day one finds one has accomplished one element within a dynamic inner schemata of elements that are to be accomplished. Not just one “opus”, but each sector of one’s life will be one’s individual “opus”.

The elementals within One’s Life: The Energies the Religions Express as “God” or “The Gods”: The Planetary Energies: Rulers of Our Individual Being: Ruler’s of Each Sector of Our Lives: Our Temperament: Fire (Pitta), Earth-Water (Kapha), Air-Ether (Vata), There is (also Metal and Wood Elementals in The Chinese Spiritual Astrological System Tradition for Chinese Medicine).

Wherever the following constellations: houses, are placed within one’s individual chart, is the dynamic subtle energy and how one will express one’s life in its dynamic sectors aspected and transited by the planetary energies, “Aspects of God: The Complete System” or “The God’s: The Energies of Our Lives”.

Aries:Libra: Yoga of Relationships
Taurus:Scorpio: Yoga of What One Shares With Others
Gemini:Sagittarius: Yoga of Higher Thoughts and Manner of Expression
Cancer:Capricorn: Yoga of One’s Individual Socialization by Mother and Father or Other Parental Figures/Authorities:
One’s Beginnings: One’s Inner Being: One’s Endings
Leo:Aquarius: Yoga of Hopes and Wishes: Friends and Lovers: How One Earns: How One Invests or Gambles
Virgo:Pisces: The Yoga of One’s Services to Others: The Yoga of Health Issues: The Unconscious: Things Hidden from the Individual and the Collective.

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