SPIRITUALITY: Your Name Is The Process and The Journey of Personal Destiny Measured In 9-Year Increments of Fulfillment


Name is destiny. Destiny is a process and a journey. Each letter of one’s name is placed on one line for each nine (9) year stage. Convert each letter of one’s name to a number. One’s destiny has greater meaning by utilizing the hidden information within the letters of one’s name to become more effective and successful in what is required of one. One’s destiny meaning and accomplishment are measured in 9-year stages, which are also cumulative. Utilize this graphic to map out the numbers of each period of one’s life, from 0-9, 9-18, 18-27, 27-36, 36-45, 45-54, 54-63, 63-72, 72-81, and so forth.
Each 9-year stage number for the letter of your name for the age you are tells you one of the energy fields you are operating under for a 9-year period. Add each 9-year age number to the 9-year age you are presently operating under.

During the 8th and 9th year of each letter of your name, you will be bringing things to a close, to move into the next stage of the next letter of your name and the new cumulative number of adding all the numbers of the letters of your name up to the stage you are in. Each next stage you add the new letter number for the cumulative number, but you will still be operating under the current letter of your name.

You can research the meaning of the number of previous years and the cumulative number of your name at each 9-year stage from age 18-27, and so forth.

Practice learning the meaning the numbers from 1-9. The meaning of the Tarot cards correlate with your own numbers, this is wonderful Universal Cosmic Consciousness study, learning, embracing, internalizing, spiritual (mind-thought) training to add to your personal tool box of accomplishment in various areas of one’s life.

I have posted the astrology mandala with the numbers of the houses of the Constellations (houses of the astrology chart), to assist you with locating these same numbers in your own personal astrological chart that you can download from the internet.

The 1st-6th signs (your identity Dosha element, body-type , appearance and your relationships), 4th-10th signs (one’s inner being element and what one makes of oneself element (remember, your life is a journey, the chart you see on this post is the diagram, the map of that journey as one progresses with one’s individual purposes and accomplishments), 6th-12th signs (health element and services to others) of your astrology chart will assist you to understand why you have the body type you have.

Connecting your life-path map with your astrology will assist one on the process and journey of fulfillment and inner peace.

In due time I will post the meanings of each number from 1-9. You can research on internet, or obtain: Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

Suggestion: Compare Amazon.com and e-bay for used books to save moola, moola!!!!!!!

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