Spirituality: The Omnicient Subtle Energies Flow Life Map

Image The Western calendar begins with January (Capricorn) being the first house of “identity”, which is “what one makes of one’s self. “The Omnicient Subtle Energies” of the “universal consciousness” flows through the annual months and seasons of the year. One’s individual life-map foundation will first appear in this manner, which when positioned horizontally will appear similar to the “Celestial Equator”, the configuration of the astrological signs of the zodiac. To this one will add the degrees that the planets transit through the houses at time of birth and everyday. The daily transit degrees of the planets can be found in an ephemeris and over the internet.

The “Sun” moves one degree (one day) through each sign beginning with Capricorn, in the Western Tradition calendar. The traditional astrology chart begins with Aries (The Ram/Lamb) which is symbolic of Easter, the annual resurrection into a new annual life season, progressing each year of one’s life, bringing a 9-year cycle for each letter of one’s name. Each letter of one’s name has a number which will be the “Subtle Energy” one will experience for a 9-year period.

The number “9” in the tarot is the card of “The Hermit”, one who has “accomplished = 9” and made “Final Selection = 9”. It is in the 9th year of each of one’s letter’s of one’s name, that one will potentially complete projects. Those whose first name adds to a “9” are humanitarian universalists. These individuals are not meant to have necessarily long-lasting relationships in various sectors of their lives. Therefore, for those without the secret information of the number 9, life can seem difficult until one understands and embraces the “Subtle Energy = 9” of the number 9.

The number “9” is a period in one’s life wherein one has evaluated, selected, and discarded the unnecessary elements in one’s life. One gives careful, thorough analysis which has preceded this final position of authority. The number “9” is the journey to the mountain of attainment. The number “9” individual endures isolation because one’s wisdom through the experiences from numbers “1 – 8”, sets one apart from others. Thus, it is this “Subtle Energy” wherein one enjoys “Quiet = 9”.

A Sanskrit term “Bhakti Yoga = 9”, is “the practice = 9” of “the expedient = 9” which is “Goals = 9” and “Soul Devotion = 9” . One “Embraces Moderation = 9” and thus “Embraces Liberation = 9”, and finds “Treasures = 9” through “Direct Spiritual Inquiry = 9” of the “Subtle Energy = 9” within “Astrology Selection = 9”. It is thus, through embracing “The Meaningful Subtle Energy = 9”, one meets the inner “Preserver = 9”.

Western Tradition biblical scripture says, “I = 9”, am “The Lord God = 9″, which teaches you how to profit and leads you in the way you are to go”. The “Divine = 9”, “Sun = 9”, and thus one is lead, in the 9th year of each letter of one’s name to “Final Selection = 9”. Then one will be lead to the next step on one’s journey by releasing all the is “Unnecessary = 9”. For those connected to the “Subtle Energy = 9”, that flows through “Expression = 9”, “The Meaningful = 9” becomes “Divine = 9”, “Play = 9”!!!!!!

For those who embrace “Mysticism Joy = 9”, it is somewhat effortless to flow with the “Subtle Energy = 9” of “The Omnicient = 9”.

But, when one is unable to voluntarily release the unnecessary from one’s life the universe will do it. The experience of loss can be exceedingly devasting for those who do not understand the energies of a “9-period” in one’s life. “Endings = 9”, “Timing = 9”, and too “Meaning = 9”. Those in the Western Hemisphere may be more possessive, therefore experience a deeper pain and loss when released from the “unnecessary = 9” in one’s life.

Those in the Eastern Hemisphere who are “9’s” understand these concepts inherently, through much of their Eastern Spiritual Philosophies regarding the impermanence of life.

Utilize the graphics as they are posted to this site, to learn more about your own inner being and its individual and collective journey as our world changes.

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