Spirituality: Universal Cosmic Energies of the Day Create Opportunity

This chart shows the change in degrees from 03/09/2013 the time, day and location of this writing.

In the lower right-hand of the chart you can see the various aspects to the planets which are shown in the middle of the chart.

I have labeled the signs and houses wherein the indicated transiting planetary aspects can be researched for their meaning in your own personal astrological chart, in the book Planets in Transit by Robert Hand. Two Universal Consciousness planetary major aspects: Saturn sextile (60 degrees +/-) Pluto and Pluto Sextile Saturn is one planetary transiting aspect. The second major transiting planetary aspect is Jupiter sextile (60 degrees) Uranus.

The 12-sections in space on the Ecliptic, are symbolized by the Tropical astrological houses. Which symbolize the physical experience of the seasonal energies which change due to the movement of the Earth arou8nd the Sun. The movement of the planets in relation to the Ecliptic as each individual observes within their own personal Tropical astrological chart, creates the changes of collective and individual consciousness, with the seasons and the movement of the Sun.

It is the individual, personal research (looking up the meaning of the Universal Consciousness of the transit of the Sun (one degree per day through each 30 degree energy field we call the signs of the Tropical Zodiac), and how it aspects the transiting planets that create events, or subtle experiences within each of our lives on an individual and collective basis, all around the world.

Because each individuals chart is different because of location, time, day and year of birth, each is “spiritually and physical” imprinted with the energies of one’s time. Thus the planetary transits of each day, will come into “Aspect with one’s individual planetary chart, thus creating more personal dynamics individually, and within one’s age-cohort (group).

Therefore, the place to begin greater understanding and personal meaning and reason within one’s life one first begins with the personal birth chart, then one observes the the daily movement of the planets within one’s natal chart.

The chart I have posted, if for an individual, the outer circle will show the individual’s signs at the time of birth, placed within the Tropical Ecliptic position of Earth location at time of birth. The planets in this chart will be the birth or natal planets which symbolize the energies within one’s and how it is that one will express these energies. So the date on this chart would be for the birth of each individual at that particular time for the location of the chart.

It is well to find a program you can use on your own computer, or research on Internet for sites that will assist you to access not only your own chart, but the Universal Consciousness chart of the daily visual placement of the planets.

One will have to learn the “timing”, (how much time each planet spends within each Tropical Astrology Sign. The Sun moves one degree per day (24 hours), the Moon spends 2 1/2 days per sign, creating the calendar of 28 (or 29), 30 and 31 days. (Each culture and religion also has its individual calendar, created for the beginning of an important prophet in their lives.) It is best to keep it simple and utilize the astrological system one prefers.

I prefer the Tropical Astrology because it best expresses the planetary experiences individually and collectively. The Sidereal is of a different system, and has its own validity, and has correlation in a different way. I began with Tropical Astrology, and once I had it within my understanding, then I moved to the Sidereal so that I would be able to have a contrast comparison and greater understanding of the named energies the Hindus and Vedics call “Gods,” wherein I see as energies within each of our bodies, wherein each of learns to control and master.

That being said, lets see what this chart has to offer according to their aspects occurring in the “Now” and learning how to utilize them to see how they are aspecting our own imprinted energies of our individual Tropical Astrology charts.

The one “Universal Consciousness” energy aspect that will be addressed is the Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio in the fixed astrological chart (see last posting), is the 8th house which is symbolic of what one (we each) share with others. This 8th house of Scorpio will be located in each individual’s chart in a different house. This Scorpio movement is placed at the moment of this chart within both the 6th house of health and work/services with the polarity of Taurus on the Western Ascendent of Taurus in the 12th house of Pisces, and the First house of Aries.

This is a very important transiting aspect for everyone on the globe of Earth, for Saturn transits each sign for only 2 1/2 years!!!!!! Saturn turned retrograde Monday, February 18, at 11.31.6 degrees (just within the second decan – 10 degrees of Scorpio the 8th house which will be placed in different houses for each person). Saturn will turn to direct forward transit (motion) Monday, July 8th (different for each time zone), 2013.

When a planet is said to go retrograde it is meant that it appears from Earth to be backtracking the previous degrees it has already transited. The meaning in this is that whatever has already occurred, there will be a period of reflection upon past events, there will be delays, and then reversals. For the religious practitioner, this kind of cosmic activity is where it is that “Faith”, in a particular miracle is manifest or not. With Saturn, the miracle rests within the required, great individual and collective efforts to bring forth a change in some structural aspect of our lives.

Saturn is the structuring energy (chi, prana, shakti, kundalini force) within each entity, be it individual, family unit, town, city, state, and continent. Saturn is the inner force of maturity and self-discipline. Saturn is an elder and a teacher, the inner being which comes to terms with doing the correct thing, even if it means embracing a goal that will take extra study, extra mastery of a subject, extra effort in the mastery of the way one expresses what it is that one wants to express in a higher, better, more mature manner.

Saturn is the Universal Cosmic Consciousnesswhich creates form and structure, within the mind-consciousness to manifest. If one wants wealth, it is not just a matter of how much one earns, but what one does with what one earns.

The House of Scorpio is symbolic of many things. Scorpio can be debt used advantageously or disadvantageously. Advantageously, instead of squandering money on vacations, new cars, a new home, or the floating night-life, one says to one’s self, “I will invest in a rental property or some such investment”, wherein one collects rents which will pay for the mortgage. In the long-run, one can gain tax deductions that reduce one’s income tax debt (depending upon the tax laws of where one resides).

This particular investment can in due time be sold, and the money placed in money market or certiicates of deposit, which are also debt instruments, in that the money is used by lenders for others to borrow and one is paid an interest rate for the use of one’s money. This all has to do with timing in getting a good interest rate for each of the various transactions. Right now interest rates are favorable for purchasing property, but not as favorable for cash savings.

Favorably, one can pay down debt to become debt-free (maybe except one’s mortgaged home). One may come to the conclusion that in a two-income family, it is better to live within the means of one income, and to save the second income for investment purposes later on. Even at a low interest income rate because of the economy at this time, one can build greater liquidity by spending less and saving more. This puts one at a great advantage as one’s savings and the interests rates rise, and one’s savings begin compounding daily!!!!!

The Saturn in Scorpio-Taurus yoga (relationship), is providing great conservative advantages the next two years. Each year Saturn makes a retrograde, whereby there will be adjustments in what one is structuring in one’s life. For the next two years this has to do with one’s individual resources, and what one shares with others, and what others share with you. It also includes how it affects the conservation of one’s various resources, including whether or not to have children. Scorpio is the sign of sex, power and money, therefore these will be the issues in one’s life.

For those who want to conserve their resources within the terms of sex, power and money, taking the conservative step of limiting the number of children or having no children, can be a very positive strategy in the conservation of resources for those who desire a more conservative lifestyle.

This information is priceless!!!!!! knowing the timing of various opportunities to change the way one thinks, the way one will take action to more positively structure one’s finances and resources, and one’s life is life-changing transformation and regeneration to a higher level of mature being.

The Ecliptical zodical sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is the business sign, it loves dignity and self-accomplishment. Depending where one’s Capricorn is placed in one’s natal chart or any other chart one creates (as mentioned in past posts). Pluto is transiting at 11.24 degrees of Capricorn (10th house in the zodiacal schemata) and within its polarity (yoga) of Cancer 11.24 degrees, the 4th house of one’s inner being and one’s physical home. The Capricorn-Cancer polarity also rules government, those in authority, and parent(s) and the effects of the business world impacting the home and one’s inner being.

Pluto has to do with healing and transformation (the Shiva energy of destroyer and creator in the Hindu and Vedic astrology tradition) within each of us and which manifests on earth. Pluto slowly wipes away the old structures one and all have built in their lives that are no longer favorably working. When Pluto is aspected by Uranus (then there is a sudden, unexpected sweeping away of the old consciousness and situation. Depending on how “attached” one is to the way things are in this particular sector of each individual’s life, the “pain = work”, will be varied. The death of the old way of seeing and being is now unnecessary. Therefore, the Universl Cosmic Energy of Plutois an inherent energy within everything.

On the outer level, it may be an old political structure, social structure, business structure such as a shopping center or neighborhood that is to be torn down, inorder that a new, more contemporary design and functionality for the times will be built upon the ruins of the old. In the United States we see this occurring with the re-modeling of the United States Postal Service cutting back on delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Social Security and other governmental entities are being restructured.

On an individual level, wherever The Capricorn-Cancer polarity is in one’s personal charts, that is the area that will bring inner healing and regeneration to a higher level of being. The inner kundalini force is to come to a higher awareness and state of being for the times. The Kundalini rises from the sexual organs (more responsible sexuality or none at all), through the chakras, to the chakra of one’s higher consciousness and being.

Now, there is a sextile(60 degree) connection between Saturn and Pluto and Pluto and Saturn on a Universal Cosmic Energy level. This aspect is occurring in the chart of each entity, in various sectors of their individual lives.

Pluto is not used in the Hindu or Vedic Astrology system, but it does use other various transformative energies such as “Shakti”. It does not mean that it does not exist for those who utilize its healing regenerative forces, they will still be able to see the vast regenerative energies in their various lives according to their particular charts.

Pluto signifies death of the old and unnecessary to bring forth regeneration. Therefore, death, the passing away of various situations, circumstances, and structures of being can be for some very painful when obsessively attached to what is no longer necessary. There is a bitter-sweetness about it, in the sense that it can be very fearful because of not knowing what exactly is to pass out of one’s life.

On the up-note, the Plutonic slow release, slowly being released from an old way of life, being, and structure of life is revitalizing and regenerative which gives new life, new being, new hope and new meaning. One begins to voluntarily let go of the old inner image. A new image is formed in the consciousness, and one lets go of the “old look”. A “new refreshing look” emerges. One gets a wonderful “make-over” not only in consciousness but the situation within which one is.

This new make-over or re-model can be within the home, within one’s landscape, within one’s most inner being. New information and new ideas emerge, and one creativity begins bursting with joy at the prospect of a broadening of one’s life by releasing the “junk”, the “unnecessary” in one’s life. There is also a narrowing and a focused-concentration assisted by Saturn’s transit. Saturn is tightening the belt because of the much needed loss of excess weight. Slimming down by releasing the unnecessary foods in one’s life that not only put on extra weight but consumes excess money that should be put into savings.

Saturn assists those who want and need a better Inner Spiritual Structure. Saturn assists one with limiting certain activities in order for the better structuring for the necessary time to be alone with oneself to delve into the books that hold the information that is not taught in public schools. New awareness through the disciplines of astrology, numerology, yoga, and self-disciplines of higher knowledge and understanding.

Every spiritual tradition’s basis was built upon the experiences of the brahmans, adepts, rishis, shamans, witch doctors, avatars, and other such holy ones who were given the spiritual impetus at birth for their particular time, to directly experience the sacred, the holy, the cosmic, the universal as expressed in their location and time.

We can call all of the cosmic powers, the planetary transits, the rising of the sun, the new moon, The One God, The One Earth System, The One Pantheon of Energies Expressed According to The Needs of Each Culture for Their Particular Expression for The Time.

Now you can connect with this amazing “Divine”, “Holy”, “Universal”, “Cosmic Physics”, “Cosmic Government” wherein you fully understand what is happening and why it is happening to you as an individual at the micro level, and to your family and society at a more macro level.

The point is that each of us must evolve to a higher state of recognition of the Universal Cosmic Energies and Universal Cosmic Understanding, wherein we release the fear of change, and embrace it, creatively and voluntarily be a positive agent of the regenerative powers of what the Christian terms, being born again!!!!!!

As we approach Easter/Spring – The resurrection from the death of Winter Season, we purchase new Easter/Spring attire. You see the new vibrantly alive pastels on the market from clothing to interior decorating items that will create a lively new environment. See the symbolism of the annual New Birth and the symbolism of flowing into a new structural reality.

We each may not agree on various philosopical religious expressions, but we can all agree upon the wonderful new feeling of Spring, the emergence from the death of Winter metaphorically and physically. This is how it is that we will feel when Saturn and Pluto complete their transits of the energy fields of our life and experiences. For those who thrive on criticism, they are only happy when they are criticizing!!!! Hopefully these deadening critics can lighten up a bit from time-to-time!!!!!

The Western Scriptures of the King James Bible, from the epistles of the apostle Paul, he tell us, “This one thing I do, I forget what is behind and reach forward to what is ahead, I press on to the mark of the high calling of God…..” We can make it easier on ourselves by accepting that life is impermanent in the sense that change has always, and is always working at the inner core of each of us, that is how we are transformed and regenerated into a progressively new way of living and being.

Each of you will progress to a higher consciousness of being by embracing the necessary spiritual discipline of studying spiritual or political symbolism of higher hidden meaning and purpose within each of our lives. No matter how slow the changes you want to be made are, the one thing each of us can do is first change our own inner being, one-day-at-a-time.

Embrace positive words to express who it is that you are and others are. Utilize a daily journal and practice converting positive words to numbers so that you will open your inner eye to a greater connection with the Universal Cosmic Energies within your personal life and how each new birthday you are given new numbers for your new year, your age, your career life lesson, and soul numbers.

Continue to follow and I will assist in guiding you to a higher way of seeing beyond what appears to be.

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