Spirituality: Inner Eye Revelations Inner Powers of Symbolic Interaction Mysteries

Image Click on the constellations zodiac for today and see the Mercury Retrograde glyph’s Symbolic Interaction, circled in the Constellation of Pisces (in your chart as well). Mercury represents the Symbolic Interaction Mysteries of knowledge and secrets, thoughts, communications, inner-travel, physical travel, ingenuity, and technology.

The Inner Eye (or Third Eye), is your spiritual connection to Universal Consciousness. The universal cosmic communication of Mercury transits each zodiacal constellation in your chart and everyone’s chart throughout the year. Mercury transiting changes the type and field of energy that one’s communications will form in the particular area of the zodiacal constellations of each person’s natal chart. Transiting Mercury also makes various aspects to one’s own planets, which create additional opportunities throughout the year to unveil the mysteries of your inner powers and expression.

Each individual has their own communication style according to where Mercury is placed within one’s natal chart (the zodiacal constellation sign). For instance, my Mercury is in Pisces (12th in my third house of community communication) polarity to Virgo, sign of health and services rendered to others. Therefore, my inner eye can see and communicate things that many people are unable to see and understand. Virgo’s detail orientation polarity assists in the detail orientation of explaining the hidden mysteries of the essence of our being.

Find where your natal Mercury is in your own chart and research the meaning of its placement in the sign and its polarity, the elements (fire, earth, air, water) of the polarity signs, the ruler (Lord) of those signs, and the location of that sign upon the fixed celestial chart (I’ve given clues in past postings).

The Universal Consciousness Mercury planet began retrograde February 23, 2013 at 19.51 degrees in the sign of Pisces (Lord Rulers Neptune, Moon, & Pluto) and will turn direct motion March 17, 2013 at 5.40 degrees Pisces/Virgo polarity (yoga).

Mercury retrograde is moving back over the degrees it has already traveled, thus creating delays and challenges in communications, travel, appointments, and technology. When the direct motion begins there will be some kind of reversal of a situation in one’s Knowledge, thoughts, communications, inner-travel, physical travel, ingenuity, and/or technology.

It is well to plan ahead and mark on your calendar when Mercury will go retrograde throughout the year (either purchase an ephemeris or look it up on internet), so that you can plan not to purchase technology or a big ticket item during that time because something will most likely go wrong with it and it will have to be returned.

This is where you can increase your Inner Eye Revelations Inner Powers in planning and utilizing greater understanding of the timing of the Universal Consciousness. Mercury revelations are truly an exceedingly important concept to understand not only in how you think and why you think the way you think, but understanding where Mercury is in others’ natal charts. This is one of the biggest factors in misunderstandings, people who do not think like you because their particular view (Mercury) is in a different energy field. Various planetary aspects in one’s chart are what give one particular Spiritual Gifts and Strengths.

Each of our differences is based upon the day and season and the aspects during that day and season that each of us were born with. These are where each of our strengths and potential weaknesses are revealed. When one utilizes one’s individual natal Mercury to research and to see how transiting Mercury is or will be aspecting any one or more of one’s natal planets, one will gain greater Inner Eye Revelations Inner Powers.

You can look at the aspects in the right-hand corner of today’s chart and you can see thatMercury’s Universal Consciousness Powersare 60 degrees (sextile) PPluto. This transit can arouse one’s love of mystery and can give one, at this time for a few days, the desire to solve difficult puzzles. This is a reflection of the deeper purpose of this aspecting transit, which is to penetrate below the surface layer of reality to the core truth where all real knowledge is to be found. Unfortunately, many people don’t like the effort it takes to utilize this power.

Therefore this is a good time to study subjects (not just read about them), take notes on note cards for review to internalize important deeper knowledge. This is an important aspect of inner healing, because once one comes into a greater understanding of The Universal Energies – Spirit – of the Universal Consciousnessone can change the way one thinks, which is often the culprit of the problems in one’s life.

One’s Mercury and the transiting Mercury energy is used to examine, scrutinize, and probe everything that comes one’s way to get to the valuable total truth. This power is how it is that it becomes difficult for one to be swindled or mislead.

Utilizing Mercury’s important information and the knowledge of one’s Mercury and the Transiting Universal Consciousness of Mercury has the deeper effect of becoming part of one’s inner core strengths and power which change one’s life for the better.

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