Spirituality: Unexpected Delays and Reversals: Unexpected Timing

The Universal Cosmic Consciousness power is offering higher spiritual awareness through the current planetary Mercury Retrograde transit in Pisces (the 12th house of the constellations’ zodiac placed in your personal chart’s particular house). Every individual personally have contact with will be experiencing a shift through some happening in their daily life. (You can go back to yesterday’s post and click the astrology chart showing the transits through the various zodiacal constellations for a view).

What has been delayed, reversed, changed within your life the past 40 days created by a UNIVERSAL ENERGY OF Mercury Retrograde? (The process shifted something in your life through the 12th-6th house house of the Zodiacal Constellation Pisces in your life are. (backtrackng from 7.37 degrees, to 4.49 degrees, turning direct motion March 17, 2013). The energy field of Pisces (Water sign, Lord Neptune), with Virgo (Earth sign, Lord: Mercury) polarity, creates a yoga (relationship) opportunity to access the hidden dynamics of your unconscious drives and compulsions more now with this transit, than at other times (you may have this capacity if your natal chart has Mercury in the 12th house of Pisces-Virgo Polarity).

Unexpected Happenings: For example: I have this energy field in my 3rd house of Communications and Travel (Gemini, Lord Mercury), therefore, two weeks before Mercury returned direct, within a 24 hour period my husband had a heart monitor placed within his chest. I stayed through the night watch (Grand Central Station), no sleep, not very tasteful food, changed out of my suit into his jeans and shirt so I could be more comfortable. Within this past two weeks (3/18/2013) the monitor that registers the activity of the pace-maker could not be hooked up (defective), therefore there is a delay. We were called by its manufacturing rep telling us we must exchange it (delay), when we receive a return label, we can send it back. He further experienced receiving confirmation that he cracked the fibula bone (smaller leg bone) in his left leg (delay and reversal upon healing 4-6 weeks). There was a glitch between WordPress browser download to add new images to my posts (delay, reversal, 3/18/2013, magically can now operation this function!!!!!!!

This very special Cosmic Awareness Power to access one’s personal inner-eye Spiritual Awareness Power and to connect with the Universal Cosmic Consciousness aspect that everyone on the globe will also be experiencing is an exceedingly powerful perceptive realization and understanding. We all have great opportunity now to access this powerful unseen, occult capacity, putting a name to what has occurred for you personally (Mercury retrograde, delay and reversal. We get to penetrate our individual hidden character and to embrace this Subtle Energy of Universal Cosmic Inner Spiritual Power, even more effectively, because we are made aware of this capacity!!!! To embrace this opportunity and its hidden subtle energy with the inner eye, one may become more aware through others’ conversations that they too are embracing the contemplation of their inner being not normally available to them. To utilize the inner eye to focus and reorient one’s perception about something that may be of a particular challenge at this time in our lives without attaching one’s ego to it is the greatest challenge.

With this retrograde, we have been rethinking the particular elements – subtle energy field, where Mercury Retrograde in Pisces-Virgo polarity is in our individual charts. For example, for me at this moment, I have Pisces partially in my second house of the fixed zodiacal constellation of Taurus(Earth element: practicality, Lord Venus: 2nd house Rules one’s personal values for the time I was born). Pisces further flows into my third house subtle energy field of the fixed zodiacal constellation of Gemini (Air element, Lord of third house: Mercury ruler of communications, travels, and technology) polarity (yoga) Sagittarius (Fire element, Lord: Jupiter), house of higher knowledge, education, spiritual traditions, foreign countries and large animals).

Therefore, if one will access one’s own chart and locate this Universal Cosmic Consciousness symbolism energy (learning if one does not already know, the subtle energy field of house, constellation that this transiting aspect is occurring personally), one can create a deeper, more personal contemplative experience to enhance one’s spiritual knowledge and understanding as to how the Universal Cosmic Consciousness operates both on an individual and collective level.

This is a good time to go off by ones self to research. Retrogrades are opportunities to do any activity that has an “re”, in it. One will re-think, re-work and think best while alone during this period to “re-orient one’s perception and direct spiritual re-alization experience”.

Further, through this process of deeper inner re-flection, and re-orienting one’s inner needs, one can work on a more temperate, thoughtful practical, ego-less manner to express if one needs to confront someone with which one needs to give greater clarity in the particular area of life this Cosmic subtle energy is operating for you. The important thing is not to fear confrontation by holding your new understanding within. The best and maybe the most positive appropriate time to communicate may be after Mercury turns to its direct forward transit. But, there again, on-the-spot-spontaneous communication may be necessary for greater relationship clarity.

Each individual will definitely experience various types of delays and reversals depending upon their situation. It makes it much more tolerable when one understands why there are these opportunities of “Cosmic delays and reversals“. When one understands the dynamics of the Mercury Retrograde, they can be utilized for a very positive turn-around when handled properly. Let me give you an example.

Several years ago my brother had gone through a divorce and his belongings fit into the back of his SUV. He had relocated from California (Pacific Coast) to Colorado which is the Rocky Mountain Region, to live with me to get re-oriented. During the few months he was with me he had hooked up with someone in “The South,” as we call it. Here in the United States we understand that the “South” is quite different in lifestyle and belief system than that of the California lifestyle and even the Colorado lifestyle and belief system, being of the Western part of the United States.

So, he decided to become part of a “charitable” endeavor in one of the Southern States, but it was not but a couple of weeks and he found it was a dubious situation. He even landed in jail. He wrote to me, and because I understood the circumstances, I was able to contact the District Attorney and ask if they would release him to me because of the recorded history of the individual who landed him in incarceration. The D.A.’s office did the “re-search” on the dubious individual’s history of record and immediately released my brother. But in it all, all he was able to come away with was his life and his SUV. He had had to leave behind and lost what little he had in worldly possessions (including a new computer system I had purchased at the tune of $5000)!!!!!

So, he was “re-leased” from not only a dubious situation, jail, but all of anything that meant anything to him. It cost me an additional amount of $1000 in cash for him to travel back here to Colorado. So, not only did he and I learn about the power of Mercury Retrograde and re-lease, but we also learned about the power of Pluto (The Shiva Force of death, destruction, and creation of the Hindu and Vedic Astrology Traditions). The Power of the death of a situation, the destruction of relationship, and the removal of the unnecessary in one’s life, in order that one can begin a fresh new start at ground zero. It wasn’t necessarily beneficial to me, because I was not going to purchase a new computer system for him, upon his return. Therefore, I allowed him to use my personal computer. And in that I learned more about my brother, which prepared me for the dealing with him in the future.

Of course, most of the time retrograde transactions are not this dramatic, but there will be minor dramas at the very least, whether it be re-turning something one purchase, or de-lays in fixing mechanical failures, something will be addressed at various levels.

Now with this Mercury Retrograde is a sextile (60 degrees) with Pluto, this Plutonic Shiva Force of death, destruction and creation for the next month or so is focused on inner healing. Thus providing one with first-hand awareness of these powers occurring at a Universal Cosmic Consciousness level. This power of information and knowledge of spiritual forces will not be perceptually manifested within each human conscious awareness, but it will be experienced. Its contemplative healing power for greater inner wisdom, and the understanding of this subtle and maybe not so subtle energy and how one will express it, how others may express it, is the true reality of the more conscious connecting with the power of these energies for the greatest good. Those not consciously connected to its meanings will not have as great an advantage as those who consciously understand it, embrace it, and positively utilize it.

Pluto in Capricorn (Earth element, Saturn Lord of Capricorn: Ruler of Business, Authorities, Parents, Roads, Trees and skeletal structure and infrastructure) will also be working with the structuring power of the transiting Saturn through Scorpio (Water element: emotions involved with what one shares with others, Mars and Pluto being the Lords of Scorpio the Scorpion).

Thus, Mercury Retrograde connects with unusual capacity for daily private contemplation, and the various structures of one’s life according to the passion of one’s interests and or what it is that needs to be addressed, released and transformed for personal and collective healing and regeneration.

Pluto’s intention is to heal one’s inner wounds through inner reflection, reorientation. Coupled with nature strolls, the cosmic energies can assist one in better connecting with one’s emotions and with the elements of nature’s fresh air, the warmth of the sun (fire – heat element, or if it is rainy or snowy, the water element, or the trickle of a pond or stream). The beauty of the essence of the elements in one’s particular geographic locality can be utilized with the subtle cosmic energies and the musical chatter of the various birds or animals that may pop into one’s view.

Experience the magical regenerative power of nature, walking in public or viewing your own scenic view from a window, connect with the essence of the day, the essence of one’s thoughts and inner being within the very moment. Meandering on a particular path in the moment, all of your senses feeling the various elements in that moment and connecting them with a new understanding can give instantaneous renewal. Practiced often, one continually renews one’s inner essence.

Contemplate the seasons through the image of the big picture of the constellations that surround the earth, through which the seasons manifest. All around the world the various hemispheres aligned with the particular constellation for their season creates differences of weather and experiences. While you may be experiencing the resurrection of Spring flowers, others are entering their autumn season, and so on.

Each individual on Earth is entering some new season of their life, be it a new born, a 13-year old initiation, high school and college students approaching their graduation initiations, the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s experiences and so forth. Each initiation of metaphorical or physical death has it particular season for each entity. But to be connected to the timing and the meaning of these initiations at the Universal Cosmic Consciousness level gives one the advantage of greater meaning and purpose in one’s life because one has opportunity to become more focused and concentrated in the experience of true spirituality and its connection with the true and real Physics of Universal Cosmic Consciousness.

Whatever one’s age, one can contemplate all that one has studied, experienced and learned and how it is that one has utilized one’s particular interests (given by the time of birth and the Cosmic planetary aspects), to accomplish what makes one’s life healthy, happy, and prosperous at a level that is meaningful to you. Greater connection not with just the philosophy of others through the ages, but the true subtle energy of these moments, days, and weeks. To be able to flow with a greater sense of spiritual understanding and purpose beyond what the images of the world and its various religions try to tell us. We each embrace these kinds of opportunities in our own individual way or not to deal with the unexpected chaotic phenomena which manifests. We each practice our own personal spirituality according to the level of our spiritual evolutionary knowledge and understanding or not.

With the tools of my understanding and experiences of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness of Mercury Retrograde, I was able to act positively and selflessly on my brother’s behalf with just one telephone call to reverse his precarious situation. Thus, through the year, when Mercury goes Retrograde in various constellations every few months, each of us will be called to a greater Universal Cosmic Consciousness to handle the particular phenomena which manifests in our individual and collective lives more effectively.

This is the true and real spirituality, the true knowledge and understanding of the physics of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness subtle and not so subtle energies of our universe. The advanced Brahmins, Buddhists, Adepts, Avatars, Shamans, Astrologers, and other advanced spiritually connected individuals have written about these kinds of experiences. They tell you that you cannot truly express it because it must be personally experienced. Even when it is truly experienced, one can only encourage others to have faith in understanding this knowledge of wisdom, the aspects of this particular energy experience, test this energy, and learn to utilize this energy for one’s self, that is the true spiritual journey and regeneration.

There is definitely the experience of the subtle energies, but without the proper knowledge of the spiritual physics, one simply calls particular phenomena a miracle of God. On an occult level, The One-God of our Solar system and its Chakras – the Planets, are as-above-so-below, manifested in a multitude of dynamic dramas. Each energy-field ruler, Mercury, the Chakra God of the Mind and the body’s neurological transmitters for thoughts, communications – voicing, texting, typing, writing, traveling, imaging, technology has a lot to teach us about our Inner Spiritual Awareness Power Spirituality Expression!!!!

You can review previous posts to familiarize yourself with the symbolisms I discuss. Stay tuned to the journey!!!!!

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