Spirituality: Karma

T. Subba Row

T. Subba Row

“The highest spiritual improvement is possible for every human being and karma influences possibility…Karma itself is a product of human effort and human action, and can be altered and varied by human endeavour. Karma is not a settled and invariable cause, existing from eternity to eternity, predetermining the fate of every human being through thousands of incarnations…a definite path of progress to adeptship {exists}….The evil passions of humanity at the present stage block the way, not the Adepts. They are willing to help every one who is fitted for this kind of study, if one is really willing to help oneself….No one is immaculate and no one is entirely vicious….Their {Adepts’} influence on the progress of humanity will be the same whether they live in their retreats or in a place like Madras….”

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