Universal Consciousness: Ojas: Inner Vitality Controls Immunity

Prakriti: Individual Constitution

Individual constitution: Prakriti creates its personal “ojas”, one’s individual and personal vitality which creates one’s “aura”, and transmits one’s energy from mind to body, and controls one’s immunity.

One’s constitution can be altered through changing the foods one eats, creating better inner balance to the point of almost perfection, which controls all of one’s life. But one must take the step to invest in oneself” to become better. One must make the investment of a bit of one’s time to study about such matters. In this personal investment, one is rewarded through greater knowledge and understanding of one’s individuality and how it is at one with the Universal Consciousness: the Shakti power, the KundaliniShakti, which controls one’s individual and personal enlightenment to higher levels of being and seeing beyond what the dazzle of the world offers.

It is possible to be regenerated and renewed and move into a profoundly different experience of life and a new identity of oneself connected with one’s true inner spiritual essence, which is the process of life’s true purpose of greater meaning and fulfillment.

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