Spirituality: Greater – Higher Meaning For Some Within Learning Symbolism Through 3rd Eye


There is a kind of spiritual life, beyond going to church and reading the scriptures, which the scriptures hint at. That spiritual life is represented by various symbols that adepts created, a type of “shorthand” that symbolizes a higher spiritual meaning that only the inner eye (third eye) of the spirit can grasp.

There is a spiritual world of “life cycles and their timing” which can be better known and understood. If one would simply obtain one’s astrological chart for the location, year, day and time of birth, and utilize An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases one can begin a new, different and profound journey of inner meaning. Inner meaning is a kind of meaning that is meant to bring one to a higher Universal Consciousness of what the adepts and mystics experienced.

One can begin by simply looking up the meaning of each of the various aspect degrees within one’s individual astrological mandala. One can research what the first house of one’s identity means, what the 4th house of one’s inner being means, what the 6th house of health and services to others means. One can gain greater understanding of the 8th house of what one shares with others, the 10th house of what one makes of individual unique self, and the 11th house of how one makes wealth, and the 2nd house of greater meaning into one’s true spiritual values, what one possesses.

I have a library of such various books that I continually study. Each morning that I do my studies and memory refreshing, my hopes and dreams are that others could benefit and broaden their spiritual perspectives, realizations, and lives with the simple step of simply reading something nourishing, remarkable, and profound about themselves!!!!!!

What I have come to understand from my journey through religion and truly experiencing the life of an adept, a seer, is simply that so many are missing so much. Those on this type of spiritual path will vouch for this extraordinary experience. It is beyond anything that the physical eye can imagine or see, one must experience it to understand it.

Those who enjoy reading of course will love it if they truly seek a greater – higher meaning represented by a kind of symbolism that holds within it astounding information about one’s being, why one is the way one is, why one does what one does, why one thinks the way one thinks and why one is on a particular path.

I encourage you to obtain this reference book and start checking out your individual and personal blue-print one-day-at-a-time. A meditation upon one’s very wonderful essence and being.


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