Spirituality: Penetrate the Core, Be Ignorant No More


Spirituality: In All Your Getting Get Knowledge

Beautiful word and illusion
Lulls heart and mind.
Asleep remain
You do not find.
Penetrate ignorant lull
Arrogant arrogance awaken.
Ignorant faith, you do not know.
Deceive yourself no more.
Penetrate the core.
Be ignorant arrogant faith no more.
There’s more to faith than you are seeing.
Inner energies call.
Come know me cries the Christ, Krishna.
It is I within beyond the ego that calls.
It is my universal energies that flow.
The inner knowledge is what makes you whole.
Within, you can truly see me.
I promised I would meet you in the air.
The inner seeing yields greater revelation.
I wait for you to truly seek me.
The kingdom of God is within.
This knowledge can with nothing compare.
It is I that resides in your temple.
Come to meet me and know me better.
Within you abide thus with me.
The marriage of the Lamb it be.
Therein I Am, eternal being and unity.

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