Wealth Spirit: Limitation: A Tool: Economy: Less Is Best: Creates Long-Term Cumulative Savings

Utilizing the second-hand economy life-style (thrift stores, garage sales, deep discount goods, etc.), coupled with an eye for beauty (beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder), and what one’s individual “style” is, one creates as close as one can, one’s “dream paradise”, no matter where one lives. These times are calling for each individual to learn to get along with as little as possible, utilizing limitation as a tool to build personal, individual long-term cumulative savings for retirement years. Economizing by creating one’s vacation environment within one’s midst as close as one can, one changes one’s lifestyle so one does not need nor require many resources that consumerism tries to say is needed. “Less is Best”. In this manner one becomes less dependent on resources and others. It’s a life-style of the truly wealthy individual!!!!!

Images of beauty are the inspiration for emulating a Wealth Spirit in one’s individual, personal terms.











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